About Alpine

Alpine Logistics Co., Ltd was established in 2002 with a proven extended record on various strategic areas of logistics and international transport industry. We have an infinite passion in advancing ourselves to expertise and reputation in the fields of the chemicals, hazardous chemicals, dangerous goods, the pharmaceutical products with temperature controlled, and foods industry.

The Alpine team is highly committed to the Safety, Security with Responsibility and Care. This leads us to significantly enhance our skills and expertise in our core business towards mutual successes and sustainable growth.

Alliances and Network

Alpine Logistics Co., Ltd has partnered with more than 250 well-known companies located in major ports and cities worldwide formed a network to provide personal and geographical proximity services wherever Alpine customers are located, our services are covered throughout the world.

Safety and Quality a reliable framework

Global logistics providers are situated in a network of complex relationships. The increasing speed of changes on the market, in the society and in technology is creating manifold challenges. A future-orientated company therefore needs a comprehensive regulatory framework that takes into account this network of challenges and that at the same time leaves the necessary freedom for acting in a flexible way.

Alpine Logistics tackles these tasks successfully in accordance with the needs of the customers, the employees, the partners, and the public. We have therefore set up an Integrated Management System (IMS). It serves as a reliable orientation for the group and for our customers.

We have set ourselves the goal of providing an excellent performance in the fields of health and occupational safety, transportation safety, environment protection, as well as ethics and quality. We take into account all these aspects on an equal footing and integrate the respective concerns into all management and decision-making processes. Instead of several management systems working apart from one another, we provide our customers and us with a clearly structured safeguarding of the desired standards in one system.

Membership & Insurance

Safeguarded against all odds

During transportation, marine cargo can be exposed to a variety of risks such as being damaged or lost. Alpine Logistics provides expert marine insurance underwriting and marine insurance claims service for international transportation risk management.

We are able to develop and provide appropriate marine insurance solutions according to the individual marine insurance needs and related to the respective transportation risks.


International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations
Thai International Freight Forwarders Association
The Customs Broker and Transportation Association of Thailand
Multimodal Transport Operator
International Freight Forwarder Fellowship


Chubb Group of Insurance Companies

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